Picture of Deer and Kid

Now you might think that I am an extraordinary good photographer, and walking around in the forest taking beautiful pictures of the animals. That is not quite true. But I find this photo taken in the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen so charming, and I think you might like it too:   If you want to …

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Make a cute Easter chicken

As a child I made a lot of pompon-things: Pompons for a wintercap, pompons just to play with, pompons for making funny animals – so I figured it would be easy to make some yellow pompons for small Easter chickens. But I really had to try several times before I managed to make them look …

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Merry Christmas to You

I don’t know why, but it seems that this month is always shorter than you think. Not when you are a child, of course, then there are just ┬áso many days to wait before Christmas arrives, but later, when you have to take care of all the things one has to care about for Christmas: …

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Strange and funny chestnut figures

I have received these picture of two funny and very strange chestnut figures. Unfortunately it seems that you can’t send pictures in the contact mail, but I got these photos of chestnut ideas because one of my readers send me a mail, and by mailing back I could get them I hope that I soon …

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Picture quotes about summer

I am making some picture quotes about summer, and I am having a lot of fun doing it. You can find them on this page, but I will also give you a special one here. One that has the text: “In summer the empire of insects spread”, a quote by Adam Zagajewski.   I don’t …

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