Pictures from the First Day of Spring

Last Sunday I went for a walk in the park. It was rather early in the morning, the sun was shining, and the wind was soft and warm. In the park there are three big and old Magnolia trees, and on this particular spring day it seemed that the conditions were just right for these …

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Card for St. Patrick’s Day

I am so relieved that my blog is working properly again, and this gave me the idea to make a postcard for St. Patrick’s Day. So here it is, with a leprechaun with two shamrocks, the blue and green hills in the background and a colorful rainbow. The size of the card should be 13 …

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Butterfly drawings

After I made the page with bird drawings, see last post, I have made a page with beautiful butterfly images. They are not realistic, the colors are made out of my fantasy, but they could be real, because nature is much more imaginative than I am. Here is an example of the butterflies. It is …

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Quotes about Dogs

I am in the middle of making a page with picture quotes about dogs. I have made this one, which is actually more about the human who lives with the dog, but I find it so funny and apt. You can get this one here, and find others on the page┬áDog Quotes. I don’t have …

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Flamingos and a red Ibis

Right now it is late summer here in Denmark, where I live. It has been a great summer, with lots and lots of sun and warmth, and the last week a lot of rain, so the trees are booming with all grades of green. Therefore I will here post two pictures of very red birds, …

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