Last Minute Snowman Crafts

With only few days to Christmas, here comes some last minute snowman crafts: One of my friends send me these pictures today of some very funny snowmen. They are quite easy to make, so even if you are busy with all the Christmas preparations there should still be time for making these snowmen, and if …

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Old Winter Christmas Card

Here is a really old postcard, from 1880 approx., with a beautiful winter scene. If you print it with 300 dpi, which is a really good quality for printing postcards, the card will be 5,5 x 3,7 inches (approx 14 x 9,4 cm) If you want some of my other printable Christmas cards you will …

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Make an Easy Origami Christmas Tree

As I said in the post with the origami leaf, if I can make this, everybody (almost) can make it. See here how easy it is to make a beautiful Christmas tree with origami. Well, you have to use the scissor a little, so maybe it can not be counted as regular origami, but it …

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Merry Christmas to You

I don’t know why, but it seems that this month is always shorter than you think. Not when you are a child, of course, then there are just ┬áso many days to wait before Christmas arrives, but later, when you have to take care of all the things one has to care about for Christmas: …

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Funny Christmas Cards

I know that we are only in the middle of November, but the days go by so fast, and suddenly it is Christmas! So I have started making some funny, strange, crazy Christmas card. At least I think they are funny, and I hope you can share my sense of humor. You will get one …

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