Summer Activity for Kids

I went for a walk in the neighborhood today. It’s summertime, and even if the temperature is not exactly what you expect on a summer day, it’s still really nice and everybody spends as much time outdoor as possible.

I happened to come across these jump stones in one of the gardens. I have never seen this kind of jump stones before, but I think they look as if they are really great for kids from 1-5 years.jump-stones-for-kids

I have 5 grandchildren now, all in the age from 5 to 0, so I know how much fun they have every time we find a stone or a tree stump. They climb it, or they want to be lifted up, depending on their age. And if there is one more stone near by, oh what fun it is to make me fly them or lift them there. Later, for the older ones, it is a triumph when they can make their legs span the distance between the stones.

So with that in mind I really think this is such a great “toy” for the little ones.

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