See This Easy Way to Pit Cherries!

I like cherries, and furthermore I have read that they are good for me, because I have a tendency to have gout and cherries should be good against that.

So I eat a lot of cherries, and I want to freeze cherries down for the winter, to make cherry juice without all kinds of sugar or additives.
Only I haven’t got a Cherry Pitter, and don’t want to buy one, because my kitchen is already overflowing with all kinds of cooking utensils that I only have used once or twice.

Then the other day I had this advice about how to pit them in an oh so easy way, and today I tried it: It worked! And it was incredibly easy.cherry pitting cherry-2 cherry-1

Rinse the cherries in cool water, and remove the stems.
Now take a bottle with a not too big opening. Place the cherry on the bottle, like you see on the pictures above.

Take a thick knitting needle (or take a chopstick like I did). Press the stick/knitting needle through the cherry, and Voila ….. the cherry stone is in the bottle and you can remove the cherry and go on with the next one.

I really takes no time at all.

Afterwards you can freeze the cherries, if you like. Put them in one layer into the freezer, and when they are frozen you can put them into a freezer-container.
In this way you have raw cherries for making juice or for using in all kinds of milkshakes and shakes.

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