Secret Snowdrop Letter

I received this Secret Snowdrop Letter today, and with a bit of luck I will not be able to guess who send it!

Secret snowdrop letter

I have always taken it for granted that this tradition with sending Snowdrop Letters were know worldwide, and only lately have learned that it is a purely Danish tradition.

Now I want to share it with you because I find it is such a lovely way of celebrating Easter and spring and family and friendship.

Easter because it has to be send before Easter and guessed/not guessed by Easter Sunday.
Spring because it involves a snowdrop flower, the snowdrop flower that emerge at the end of winter as one of the first flowers to remind us that spring will soon be here. (You can drop the Snowdrop flower if necessary, if you can’t find one)
Family and friendship because you send you Secret Snowdrop letter to your loved ones: Mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, best friends.

What you have to do is this:

Take a piece of paper, fold it in half and then fold it again.
Draw a shape and cut it out.

Write a verse or just a simple line like:

Let these puzzling dots proclaim
every letter in my name

and then DON’T write you name, instead write as many dots as there are letters in your name  ……

The whole point with this Snowdrop Letter is that the one who receives the letter will have to guess who send it, latest Easter Sunday. (or actually the point is to make sure the one who receives the letter WON’T be able to guess it.

Because if you send a letter to let’s say your grandmother – if she guesses you send it, YOU will have to give her an Easter egg in chocolate or in paper with candy.
But if she DOESN’T guess is, or she guesses wrong, then SHE will have to give you an Easter egg, and that is so much what you want to happen!

Best of luck with your Secret Snowdrop Letter, there is still time to send one!!

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