Quotes for Father’s Day

I am quite fond of the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

It might have become a big commercial thing, but the main reason for celebrating these days is still OK: So often we forget to tell the people we love, that we actually appreciate what they mean to us, and these days are such a good opportunity to do exactly that.


On my website Clipartqueen you can already find a page with Father’s Day clipart and clipart for Mother’s Day as well as a page with cards for Mother’s Day.

Now you can also find a lot of the best Father’s Day quotes and greetings.

Here are some extra quotes for you:

The best way I can sum up the greatest gift you ever gave me, Dad – it was simply being my Dad.”- Unknown

Great fathers don’t find faults. Great fathers find solutions. – You are a great father, thank you!” – Reed Markham

Dads are amazing. They have a special way of maneuvering through all the roadblocks you might create and refusing to stop before the reach your heart.” – Susan Gale

Average fathers have patience. Good fathers have more patience. Great fathers have an ocean of patience.” – Reed Markham



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