Princess Table Cards to Play With

After I had made the small dinos to use for table cards, one of my friends who is the mother of a 3 year old girl asked me if I could make a template for princess table cards to play with, in the line of the dinos.


Her daughter is completely into the princess thing: She wishes for a bike with princesses, for a running wheel with princesses, for a lunchbox with princesses – actually she just wants her whole world to be filled with princess stuff!

Now they are going to celebrate her 4th year birthday, and of course the theme for this party shall be: Princess.

You can get ideas for that on this page, but here I will give you a template to use for making small princesses for place cards at the princess party.

The first picture is a picture of the princess place card as it is going to look like when finished. The name is written in hand, and you can take off the name card to make it easier to play with the princess.

The next pictures are taken during the process of making the princess place card.




I have planned to make different looking princesses, different colors, to make it more fun.
If you have access to a drawing program at the computer, you can change the colors as you like yourself.



And here, finally, comes the template:


I made the princess you can see above in normal printer paper, but you can make it more solid if you print it on thicker paper.

I hope you will have fun making these princesses, and that your child will love it.

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