Practical Tip about Smelling Shoes.

I’m going to start to make a whole series of blogs posts with good advice and practical tips about all the things in your everyday, where you think: There must be some easy way to handle this problem, but what is it?

Your shoes, especially your athletic shoes or work shoes, can get to smell really bad with sweat.

One thing you can do is to keep them cool, when you are not wearing them. This way the bacteria cannot generate the smell, at least not so well.

Another solution is to pour some natron powder (bicarbonate of soda) into the shoes. You then distribute it inside the shoes, just use your hand.
They need to stay with the natron powder overnight, and the next day you just vacuum it up.
It’s easy and it helps. If they still smell a bit, then do it again until the smell is gone.


Now when Father’s Day is approaching, it might be a funny and caring gift for your father? 🙂

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