Pine Cone Animals

Pine cone gnome with green hatA cold autumn day I went for a walk, and I collected some cones  to bring home home. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, but I was sure they could make some basis for a decoration.

I forgot that I had them, so they didn’t end up in a Christmas decoration. But when some of my grandchildren came to spend the day with me they found them in the utility room, and we decided that now was the time to think of what we could do with them!

Pine cones for crafts

So we found some plasticine, some colored feathers, plastic eyes and green and red felts (it is always good to have all kinds of strange things in your drawers :-)) and sat down to see what we could do with all these things.

And here they are, the funny and cute pine cone animals: two gnomes, a strange little animal, maybe some kind of hedgehog?, and three birds.

Pine cone animals

I chose to put the birds on wire, fastened with clay, but you can easily hang them in sewing thread from the ceiling or a branch.

Also I must say that even though I think the birds look funny, maybe they would look more delicate with smaller eyes (I only had one of the small ones left, so I had to use the bigger ones).
I painted the small branches as a beak, but again it might look better, at least different and more birdlike, if you make a beak out of orange paper.

Pine cone bird


pine cone man and hedgehog


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