Picture quotes about summer

I am making some picture quotes about summer, and I am having a lot of fun doing it.

You can find them on this page, but I will also give you a special one here. One that has the text:

“In summer the empire of insects spread”, a quote by Adam Zagajewski.



I don’t know about you, but insects are one of the things I an not so keen about, and as the quote says: The insects simply multiply in the summer. We have a summer cottage in the family, and it is placed near the sea and near the forest. So every day small beautiful row deer walks through the garden. Simply idyllic.

But they have a lot of ticks, so when I have to mow the lawn, the ticks jump on me or fall from the trees. And as some of these ticks actully can do me a lot of damage – it’s frustrating.

The same goes for the ants. They build huge anthills, from where they seem to think they should conquer the world, or at least our lawn and cottage.

So this picture quote gives a lot of meaning to me, and maybe to you as well:


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