Photos from Halloween Parade

It is a tradition that every year, some days before the actual Halloween, a huge Halloween parade works it’s way through Copenhagen to end op in Tivoli.

Here crowds of people are waiting to see and photograph the vampires, Halloween brides, Death himself, ghosts and all other kinds of strange and scary creatures.
There are a lot of the people in the parade that have gone far to make really scary and convincing costumes and masks, and when they act in their role is works so well.

After the parade has ended in Tivoli, all the participants split up and enjoy the different rides in between scaring the other guests. The kids just love it!

Here are some of the photos I took this year.
You can find more Halloween pictures on my website here.

Halloween zombie bride Halloween parade

Halloween masks death scream  Halloween Death in parade

I like the way Death with the scythe on the last photo from the Halloween parade is kind of transparent! Very suitable for Death, I guess.

And even one of the inspectors in Tivoli has gone far with his costume:


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