Pearl Plate for Easter (and a giraffe).

Some of my friends held a cozy craft-evening the other night, and while some were knitting, others drawing, a few of the participants made animals on pearl plates.

I know it is thought of as a kids craft to make things on pearl plates, but as these kids grow older and become parents, they enjoy to find new ways of using these pearls. I think you can buy books with ideas for pearl plate making, but the great thing this evening was that they had to use their fantasy and try out what ever idea they got.

I know some of them made the snow man from the film “Frost”, Olaf, and snowflakes, but as Easter is approaching, they also made an Easter egg, a sheep (black, but who cares) and a chicken. One of the boys also made a giraffe, and all of them had so much fun that the evening ended up with everybody making pearl plate stuff.


pearl plate animals

I know, I know – the giraffe is somehow made wrong, with yellow spots and black stripes in between, where it should have been brown spots with soft beige/yellow in between as you see on this picture from the page with giraffe pictures:



But then again, who cares as long as it is fun and everybody is enjoying themselves tremendously?

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