A Funny Fall Picture!

I went for a walk today. The sun is shining, there is almost no wind – it is such a beautiful autumn day!

Took this picture in the park. OK, I might have made small alterations but the tree face was there, looking at me. Can you see it?

funny tree face in autumn

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Funny Drawing Games

The other day after dinner with my family we all played one of the many games I remember from right back to my own childhood. It is a very simple game: All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil or a pen, and voila! you can play the game.

You can make groups of 3 or 4, or just switch to join.

The first makes a (secret) drawing of a head and a neck. As you can see from the examples here, it can be a head of almost everything, it could even be a pumpkin head :-).Then he or she folds the paper, so only the lines from the neck are visible.

paper game drawingfunny drawing game
Now the next person draws the torso, or maybe only the upper part of the torso, with arms. Again the paper is folded to make only short lines for the next person to make either the lower part of the torso, or the legs.

As you don’t know what the previous sketch has been, the final drawing will always be a funny surprise.

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New Dog Sketches

I have added some new dog sketches to Clipartqueen.com today.

You will find this wonderful drawing of a Cairn Terrier as well as two new drawings of a German Shepherd, also called an Alsatian.

Sketch of Cairn terrier

A sketch of a Chihuahua, and one more drawing, I forgot what kind of dog that was.

Take a look of all my old and new dog sketches at https://www.clipartqueen.com/dog-sketches.html

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Cute Gift Box

The other day I was at one of my granddaughters’ birthday, and her father had made these cute little gift boxes for all the kids.

They are actually quite easy make, as you only have to glue them in two places, all the rest of making them is folding them, so if you would like to make them, you will find different templates below.

The finished box measures  6,5 x 6,5 x 4 cm when you have assembled it.
blue cute gift box flowers

Pink gift box with heart

Here is a photo of where you glue the box and how to fold it.:




















You can use this next template to make it with pink hearts. You can also choose to use the white template, or even the PNG template which you can place on top of a pattern you choose, this way all you will see are the black lines.


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Tip for strawberry help

One more post from my kitchen garden:

If you have lots and lots of strawberry plants, this tip might not be for you. But if you like me have some, and you really want to enjoy these wonderful red berries, this idea might come in handy!

Today I found that a lot of the green strawberries  were laying on the ground, which cstrawberry helpertainly not is good, both because of the snails and because the berries have a tendency to decay fast if there comes just a little rain.

Last year I had the same problem and tried to put straw beneath the berries. I have seen that done with professional growers. But it didn’t work out well.

I also tried to put small branches under the plants, to support the plants and the berries. That didn’t work well either, and it was rather troublesome anyway.

Now I think I have found a great way to support the plants: I took some of the many plastick herb pots, you know the ones you always get new plants in, and cut the bottom away. tip for support for plants

It’s easily done, and you can make the pot as high or low as you want. Then I stuffed the plants with the green berries throug the pot, and it seems to work really well!

After having done that, I only had to cover the strawberry plants with net because of the busy blackbirds.







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