Easter Crafts

You can use eggshells as small vases for spring flowers, to decorate the Easter table.

Easter egg decorationUse large eggs, and beat the top of the eggs with a sharp knife. Empty the eggs (you can use the content for an omelet), and clean the empty eggshells with cold water, using a finger.
Place the eggshells in egg cups, fill them with cold water, and place them on the Easter table in the middle with little flowers in them.

You can also use them as place cards if you write names on the shells and place them, with flowers, next to each place setting.

Another Easter craft could be making tiny candles out of the eggshells:

Halve the eggs, as precisely as you can, and use the content for food of some kind.

Clean the halved eggshells, and place them in egg cups.

Now you need tealights, one for each halved eggshell.
You can make the egg-candles in different ways, but remember one thing please:


Even when you take the candle out of the metal shell, there is still a little metal thing in the bottom of the wick.

I tried two ways of making these funny Easter candles:

  1. Cut the candle wax from each tealight into a bowl, til there is only the wick and the metal thing in the bottom left (and a little more wax as well, as long as the wick can go into the egg shell).
    Place the wick in an eggshell.
    Now place the wax you cut away around the wick. When you light it all the wax will slowly melt and burn.
  2. Heat the tealight in a bowl in a water bath,  and when the wax (stearin) is liquid, place the wick in an eggshell, pour the melted wax into the eggshell, with the wick standing up in the middle.
    When the candle wax has solidified, you can use them as they are, or you can paint the eggshells.


Easter egg candle craft

Easter decoration egg with melted wax. It will clot and look really nice.

Easter candle craft

Easter egg decoration, I added the cut wax afterwards.

As you can see on the last picture, I decided to put these Easter egg candles in the metal shells from the tealights instead of in egg cups.

If looked better, and then I could use the egg cups for the real Easter eggs 🙂







Easter decoration

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Animated Valentine Greeting

As you might know I am having a lot of fun learning how to make small animated GIFs, and here is the newest one: An animated Valentine greeting 🙂

Cute Valentine animation

I hope you will find my animations a little fun too, and will follow me on my continued work to become better making them, and become better making them better.

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Lampshade Decoration

I bought a new ceiling lamp for my hallway, a LED lamp.

When I had installed the lamp I realized the light from it was far too strong for my not-so-big hallway, so either I had to buy another one, or I had to find a solution for the one I already had installed.

That was when I remembered the Christmas star decoration I have made a blog post about earlier.
It was made of nearly-transparent paper, and looked good on laps and in windows.

So I made a decoration like that, only a little larger to cover the entire lamp.

Important: Make sure that you only make this lamp decoration for lamps that don’t get too hot, otherwise I guess the paper could burn.

Lamp decoration

It makes the lamp shine with such a nice light now, enough so you can see everything clearly, but also subdued so the light doesn’t irritate your eyes.

Here is the link to how to  make this lamp decoration: http://blog.clipartqueen.com/beautiful-christmas-star/

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Beautiful Picture Quote

picture quote with flower buds

Just re-found this beautiful photo among other spring pictures on my website and thought if would be a perfect background for this quote.

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Getting Rid of Stains on Marble

If you have a marble table, and it has got some stains and marks after wet glasses – don’t despair!

Here is a great tip that will come in handy after a party.
Maybe some of your guests at the New Year celebration placed a wet glass on your marble table, or on the marble windowsill.
You might even have marble coasters, and then the chance you have some rings on the marble is pretty great.

Marble with stains

What you will need is:

Lots of blotting paper, some distilled water and beeswax.
Tear the blotting paper into strips. Put the strips into distilled water until it becomes a mush.

Cover the stain with the mush and leave it for 5-6 hours.

Taking away the mush, the stains and rings will be gone.
But – the marble has lost its polish and looks a bit weird.
Fortunately this can easily be taken care of:
Polishing the marble with beeswax, and the table looks really fine again, as good as new.

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