Funny and Easy Halloween Biscuits

Here is a picture of some funny Halloween biscuits made out of Oreos, licorice laces and chocolate buttons. One of my sons made these together with his kids the other day, and there are absolutely none left now!

I actually don’t think I have to explain how to make them, that is how easy it is 🙂

Halloween biscuits

Kids love them, adults love them – actually what is there not to love about them?

Happy Halloween!


High Quality Photos of Beautiful Flowers

I have made a new page with flower photos, called Beautiful Flower Photos.

Of course all the other pages on Clipartqueen with flowers also has beautiful flowers photos, so what makes this one so special??

These photos are taken by one of my friends, a professional photographer, with his professional camera – and it does make a difference. Not so much if you are looking for a flower photo to use for your invitations, gift cards, place cards etc. but if you are looking for something special, like a flower picture that catches the eye on your website, or a professional looking card – then these photos might be just what you are looking for.

Wonderful rose photo

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Magical Swan with Stars in the Water

We went for a walk in the forest Sonday, to see the wonderful soft green leaves, and came to a lake with this beautiful white swan.

He was pretty aggressive defending his mate and swanlings against any danger, and he did a good job.
Somehow it always amazes me to see how extremely white the feathers of the swan are.

I took this photo of him, and I think it looks almost magical with the stars in the water.
In my imagination the next picture could very well be of the swan changing into a prince 🙂

Magical swan with stars

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My Granddaughter’s Version of MONS

When my picture e-book MEET MONS was available on the internet, my oldest granddaughter made a drawing of what she thought it should look like.

Now that I can compare it with my drawings, maybe she was right.

I find her drawing of the princess cat with the big red heart so sweet!


cat drawing

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