New Page with Skull Images

I have just uploaded a new page, with lots of scary or funny or just right out weird head skulls.

cool-drawings-evil-skull-with-crownAlso some animal skulls, and I think over time there will be more of both, but right now I am really fed up with skulls of any kind 🙂

I know that skulls might not be the hottest thing right now, when as we approach Valentines Day, but on the other hand a little cool and scary clip art could be good to counterbalance all the hearts and sweet messages for Valentine.

You can find the page with the skull clip art by clicking HERE.

I suddenly realised that for a while it hasn’t been possible to sign up for my newsletter, but that should be fixed by now.
Not that I write that many newsletters, but now and again there will be cards or other things that followers of my newsletter will get as a bonus, so if you like you can sign up for it on


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