Make Your Own Bee Hotel!

Here in Denmark, as in so many other countries, the number of bees drops which of course affects the harvest of fruit and berries. Well, I guess we all know it is quite worrying.

Bee hotel with sealed corridors

I have a kitchen garden not far from where I live, where I grow vegetables, have a small apple tree, and a lot of raspberry bushes, not to mention a lot of strawberry plants. So I decided to buy a Bee Hotel, and after only a few hours most ot the “rooms” were taken.

I also drilled holes in an old dead tree, and again the bees loved them and made them homes for upcoming bees.

That was great, of course, but after reading that if you want the new bees, (the ones that will come from these Bee Hotels next year) to not only be male bees then the corridors should be at least 20 cm (aprox 9 inch), I realized that I had to make my own Bee Hotel as well.

(The reason why the corridors have to be at least 20 cm is that the bees place the eggs/larvea that is going to become female bees in the bottom of the corridor, and later the male ones, and if the corridor is short, they will only make male bees.)

So I bought some bamboo sticks with large holes, and by cutting them after each “knee”, I managed to have a lot of sticks closed in one end, which they shall be.

Make your own bee hotel

I guess you can just bind these bamboo stick together with gaffa, but thinking of the winter with snow and rain I decided to make a small house for them.

I placed both Bee Hotels on a wall facing the southeast, 1½ m above ground.

The bees were happy, all the sticks are sealed, which means there are eggs/larvae, and I look forward to lots and lots of bees in my kitchen garden next year 🙂


Bamboo sticks for Bees

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