Last Minute Snowman Crafts

With only few days to Christmas, here comes some last minute snowman crafts:

One of my friends send me these pictures today of some very funny snowmen.
They are quite easy to make, so even if you are busy with all the Christmas preparations there should still be time for making these snowmen, and if you can find someone to make them together with you, it will be even more cozy and fun!

I simply love them. Take a look at the funny expressions, especially the happy one and the surprised snowman.

Snowman craft for Christmas

Make some circles, it doesn’t matter whether you haveĀ a compass or not. Just use what you have in the kitchen.
Take a small glass for the head, and two different sizes of cups or glasses for the two parts of the snowman’s body.

Snowmen made out of paper

Glue them together like you see on the pictures, and then use your creativity.
Draw eyes and mouth, and try to give the snowmen different expressions like you see here.
Make some noses out of orange paper, or draw the noses as well.

Now you decorate the snowmen with colors, glue glitter onto them in different shapes – all in all you can use everything you have around the house to decorate them. There is actually now limits, and even if one of your snowmen should turn out too strange, it is quite easy to make a new one.

Snowman decoration

Have fun!

Go to Homepage and visit Snowman Clipart.


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