Lampshade Decoration

I bought a new ceiling lamp for my hallway, a LED lamp.

When I had installed the lamp I realized the light from it was far too strong for my not-so-big hallway, so either I had to buy another one, or I had to find a solution for the one I already had installed.

That was when I remembered the Christmas star decoration I have made a blog post about earlier.
It was made of nearly-transparent paper, and looked good on laps and in windows.

So I made a decoration like that, only a little larger to cover the entire lamp.

Important: Make sure that you only make this lamp decoration for lamps that don’t get too hot, otherwise I guess the paper could burn.

Lamp decoration

It makes the lamp shine with such a nice light now, enough so you can see everything clearly, but also subdued so the light doesn’t irritate your eyes.

Here is the link to how to  make this lamp decoration:

Go to Homepage for Clipartqueen

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