Kid’s Paper Craft for Easter and Spring

A couple of days ago I picked up one of my granddaughters in kindergarten, and I found the ceiling covered with paper snowdrops.

It was a very sweet and spring-ish idea, as all the snow drop flowers were made by drawing the outline of the kid’s hands on white paper, and then making these white flowers into hanging snowdrops.

It is very easy to make, and when I made one together with an other of my grandchildren, she was very happy to see her hand shape transformed into a decoration.

I show you here the snowdrop I made together with her. I think it is pretty easy to see how it is made, and I think it will be even easier if you make the green leaf and stalk in one piece, not two, as I did.

Easter craft for kids

Also I think it will look prettier if you connect the white snow drop flower higher, you might try that before you glue the different parts together.

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