Kids Birthday Parties with Themes


If you want to make kids birthday parties with themes, or any other kids party with a theme, here are a few quite good ideas of how to make place cards, fruit skewers with theme decorations and more. All just limited by your imagination, certainly not the cost of it.

I started out wanting to make a lot of fruit skewers with dinos for a 2 year old child’s birthday in the daycare.

The tradition is that when your child has a birthday, you bring some kind of dainty for the whole group of children.

Some years ago it would have been candy, but this is not allowed anymore because it is filled with sugar.

So I decided to help one of my friends making a funny fruit dainty, with skewers filled with different kinds of fruit: grapes, banana, apple, orange, melon, pineapple. What we could find for the day.

And as the child is very interested in dinosaurs, and has a toy dino as his best friend, I made some drawings of cute dinos to put at the end of the skewer.

Here is the first drawings I made and cut:

drawing of a red dino


I wanted to cut the dino and then glue it together around the skewer. But – after cutting it  and knowing I had to cut approx. 15 more, I decided that that was not such a great idea 🙂

So instead I made some rectangular drawings, still with the different dinos, but with a background and much, much easier to cut!

So here they are:

Grey dino drawing

Yellow dinosaur drawing


Red dino for birthday decorations



Blue dino for kids birthdays



Green dino for kids birthdays


If you cut them and fold them in the middle, them glue them together around a tree skewer, you can put fresh and delicious pieces of fruit on the skewer, and then finally poke all the skewers into half a watermelon or a pineapple. The kids will love it.

I didn’t get a photo of the watermelon with all the skewers, unfortunately, so I had to take a photo here at home, with the drawing of the dino on a knitting needle, and only with banana (that was the only fruit I had today, sorry), but I wanted  you to get an impression of how to make the skewers.

Fruit skewer for dino party


I found that it would be great to use the as place cards, or just decorations at a party with a dinosaur theme.

If you stick them on clothespins, you can put them on the glasses or the plates like I show here:










If you make a lot of differenet place cards, you can make a copy of each drawing and give that drawing to each guest at the kids birthday party. Then the task is for each child to find the place at the table with their drawing of their special dino. What a fun start of the birthday dinner!

Here you see the different dinos I have made, but you can easily make your own.



Well, after trying out this idea with the dinos, I talked to one of my friends who pointed out to me that you can actually do that with most of my clip art!

And of course she is right.

So I have made a kind of empty template for this, white, with just the black lines so it is easy to fold the cards.

If you know how to use a drawing program on the pc, it should be quite easy to make place cards and things like that using any of the drawings and clip art on Clipartqueen.





I have made some examples to show you how easy it can be done:









Horse-place-card-3Place card with heart



I hope you can use these ideas, or that it will give you inspiration about how to make cute or funny or cool decorations for kids birthday parties with themes.

You will find lots and lots of drawings and pictures on my website, and especially you will find dinos here and here.

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