Horse Chestnut Flowers in Spring

These days, at least here in Denmark, all the Chestnut trees are filled with beautiful flowers in upright panicles, like lots of bright candles.
(You shouldn’t eat the seeds, they are a bit poisonous, and by the way, horses actually shouldn’t eat the fruit of these trees either, as it can cause tremor and lack of coordination. Deer, on the other hand, can break down the harmful substances and eat the horse chestnut seeds.)

The other day I was taking a stroll in a park, where all the huge Horse Chestnut trees were blooming, and I realized that I never had seen one of the panicles close up, because they most of the time are high up in the trees.

So I found one tree with low hanging branches and to this photo of these wonderful flowers.
First one photo that shows the flowers like you are used to see them, from far below

horse chestnut tree

Next this close up photo where you can see these amazing flowers, how beautiful they really are.

horse chestnut flower

And the a small red squirrel wanted to have his photo taken as well.

red squirrel

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