Funny Candy Box

Aren’t these funny candy boxes not just adorable?

Funny Candy Boxes

You don’t have to use them as candy boxes, of course, they will be great to use as table decoration for Easter or a birthday party. But if you like, you can fill them with candy, because the “body” is a small container, and the head works as lid.

You can get the template for these cute boxes if you sign up for my newsletter before March 15th 2015, and you will also get instructions of how to make them, and ideas for other kinds of figures.

You don’t actually need templates if you are used to make decorations and crafts, but if not, orĀ if you want to find an easy way to making the rabbits and tigers, I hope you will find the templates useful, and maybe you will get ideas of how to make other kinds of candy boxes.

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