Find The Hidden Letters Fun

I remember when my kids started learning to read, learning about the letters, a bustour through town could be so much fun.

Every sign they saw had to be spelled out loud, the sign for BUTCHER, SUPERMARKED, KIOSK etc. Even the P for parking was interesting, and the only limit was the speed of the bus.

Now it’s my grandchildren who loves to have fun reading and recognizing the letters.

A friend of mine, Birgitte, has made some great Alphabet books, “The Alphabet Detective” series, where you see pictures from the nature and your surroundings and you shall find the hidden letter.

This is a new idea to me, and now I spend a lot of fun time with my grandchildren looking for “the hidden letters” when we are walking in the town or in a park.

Alphabet hidden letter  Alphabet game  alphabet-x

I am still not as good at this as Birgitte, far from actually, but both my grandchildren and I are getting better and better the more we look!

Kan you find the O, the U, the K and the X in  the pictures above? I guess you can.

Try this little Alphabet game the next time you take a walk, I can highly recommend it. It’s fun!

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