Dark Red Poppy with Busy Bees

I was just working with some new flower photos, making them ready for the different pages on Clipartqueen.com, when I realized that I simply had to put this one here, on the blog.

A photo of a deep red poppy with two very busy bees. As far as I can see the bees are of different kinds.

I know that throughout Denmark  about 20 percent of the bees has disappeared. In some areas the figure is as high as 80 percent. As far as I can read the same thing happens all over Europe and USA.
Nobody quite knows why this happens, but one reason is that many of the swarms are dying because they can not find a good place to stay. The bees miss the wild, where they can live in peace.


Another explanation  might be that  insecticides, especially Neonicotinoid Pesticide, which were previously thought harmless to bees because it did not kill them instantly, damage them and in the long term kills them.

Mass deaths of bees is a very serious problem. If bees are not flying from tree to tree and pollinate the flowers, the trees bear not fruit and the same applies to many plants.

So I hope you understand why I think this is great to see (apart from the photo being very beautiful)

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