Classic Cars on a Hot Summer Day

Yesterday we went to a Classic Car Show, and it was a truly enjoyable experience.

We went there because our plumber is one of the organizers for this show, and he has kept us informed of how things went with the preparations, months before the show. So we decided to go, even if classic and vintage cars are not one of our main interests.

I must say that they had organized it well. The show took place on some fields, a rater large area, and everything went smooth.

Thousands of visitors came, most by car, a lot of the visitors actually came in more or less classic cars themselves.

The show takes place every year ( I think) and they are a group of people who find, collect and repair any kind of old car, and they have rather a huge collection of old steam-powered tractors, cars and they even had a visitor who came from England with his old steam-powered moped!

Classic car old ford

I am going to make a page on with all the great photos from this show, but for now you will have to settle for the photo above of that classic Ford.

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