Change of the URL of the website

I have decided to change the long URL of my website: to the much shorter This will happen January 26, and I hope everything will go smooth and no big problems will arise! I am not quite sure what this will mean for this blog, but I shall find out as soon as …

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Fall Picture with Dewdrops in a Spider Web

I went for a walk with one of my grandchildren in a stroller. She had to fall asleep, and stay asleep for at least an hour. Every time I tried to get a break and sit down she woke up, so I went on walking, even if the weather was wet and drizzly. But she …

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Happy Birthday Card

I realized that I actually have made quite a lot of pages with cards of different kinds, and now I have made a “main page” for all these card-pages, where you can find an overview of cards like Halloween cards with pumpkins and skeletons, Valentine cards with hearts and small poems, Thanksgiving cards with turkeys, …

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Welcome to my blog,

I am planning this blog to be a place where I can put all the stuff I don’t know where else to place. And a blog with new funny drawings, beautiful pictures and cool facts. As this is a blog, I have had to change to look a little, but don’t be afraid, you are …

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