How to Make a Cute Penguin Box

Here is a box template for making this small box shaped as a penguin. You can open the box and close it again, but you will have to be a little careful doing it, so I guess if it is used as a candy box for children, it wont last that long. On the other …

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Dark Red Poppy with Busy Bees

I was just working with some new flower photos, making them ready for the different pages on, when I realized that I simply had to put this one here, on the blog. A photo of a deep red poppy with two very busy bees. As far as I can see the bees are of …

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Classic Cars on a Hot Summer Day

Yesterday we went to a Classic Car Show, and it was a truly enjoyable experience. We went there because our plumber is one of the organizers for this show, and he has kept us informed of how things went with the preparations, months before the show. So we decided to go, even if classic and …

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Change of the URL of the website

I have decided to change the long URL of my website: to the much shorter This will happen January 26, and I hope everything will go smooth and no big problems will arise! I am not quite sure what this will mean for this blog, but I shall find out as soon as …

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Fall Picture with Dewdrops in a Spider Web

I went for a walk with one of my grandchildren in a stroller. She had to fall asleep, and stay asleep for at least an hour. Every time I tried to get a break and sit down she woke up, so I went on walking, even if the weather was wet and drizzly. But she …

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