A Crazy Video with a Mouse and a Cat

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Printable Christmas Card

Funny and Cute Christmas Card for You Some years ago in December I made some small drawings of “nisser” which might be translated into goblins og Santa’s helpers – I am not sure what to call them in English? In Denmark and Sweden and Norway “nisser” are everywhere when Christmas is approaching. Originally “nisser” were …

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Find The Hidden Letters Fun

I remember when my kids started learning to read, learning about the letters, a bustour through town could be so much fun. Every sign they saw had to be spelled out loud, the sign for BUTCHER, SUPERMARKED, KIOSK etc. Even the P for parking was interesting, and the only limit was the speed of the …

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Secret Snowdrop Letter

I received this Secret Snowdrop Letter today, and with a bit of luck I will not be able to guess who send it! I have always taken it for granted that this tradition with sending Snowdrop Letters were know worldwide, and only lately have learned that it is a purely Danish tradition. Now I want …

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Valentine Coloring Pages to Print

I have made 11 Valentine coloring pages to print, you can find them on the page Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages. Here is one more, made from an old Celtic frame, where I have changed some things and added some hearts. In this way I find it makes a beautiful and original coloring page for Valentine. …

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