The Best and Cheapest Skin Care

I am not sure where I first read about this great advice for making your skin soft, but I read it when I was in my early twenties, and I have used it with huge success ever since. Actually I think it was written as tips for getting the best and cheapest skin care, from …

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Tips on Knife Sharpening

I guess that today a lot of people have some kind of device to sharpen their kitchen knives, but then again, a lot of people don’t, and when you stay in a holiday cottage you almost certainly don’t. So what do you do, when you are going to chop the vegetables and cut the meat, and …

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Tree Stump Torch

All these beautiful summer evenings, where you can stay out till really late, what is more cozy than a quiet fire? A quiet fire, where you can toast your marshmallows, bake your twistbread over the embers, have a talk, you otherwise never really seem to have time to have, sing together – or just be …

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Practical Tip about Smelling Shoes.

I’m going to start to make a whole series of blogs posts with good advice and practical tips about all the things in your everyday, where you think: There must be some easy way to handle this problem, but what is it? Your shoes, especially your athletic shoes or work shoes, can get to smell really bad …

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