How to make Pink Thumb Tacks

I was looking for some pink thumb tack in the shops, the old-fashioned kind, because I have re-decorated my flat, including making two new bulletin boards in grey. I had a lot of pins in different colors, but the pink ones were so pretty with the grey color that I decided to go wit those …

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Best Way to Remove Cat Hair

I have two wonderful cats, who for the time being have to be in-door cats. Somewhere in their Family Tree there has been a Norwegian Forest Cat, which means that they are rather hairy. That combined with them living in-door results in cat hair everywhere, especially on the furniture like chairs, beds, blankets and of …

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See This Easy Way to Pit Cherries!

I like cherries, and furthermore I have read that they are good for me, because I have a tendency to have gout and cherries should be good against that. So I eat a lot of cherries, and I want to freeze cherries down for the winter, to make cherry juice without all kinds of sugar …

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The Best and Cheapest Skin Care

I am not sure where I first read about this great advice for making your skin soft, but I read it when I was in my early twenties, and I have used it with huge success ever since. Actually I think it was written as tips for getting the best and cheapest skin care, from …

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Tips on Knife Sharpening

I guess that today a lot of people have some kind of device to sharpen their kitchen knives, but then again, a lot of people don’t, and when you stay in a holiday cottage you almost certainly don’t. So what do you do, when you are going to chop┬áthe vegetables and cut the meat, and …

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