Tip for strawberry help

One more post from my kitchen garden: If you have lots and lots of strawberry plants, this tip might not be for you. But if you like me have some, and you really want to enjoy these wonderful red berries, this idea might come in handy! Today I found that a lot of the green …

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Make Your Own Bee Hotel!

Here in Denmark, as in so many other countries, the number of bees drops which of course affects the harvest of fruit and berries. Well, I guess we all know it is quite worrying. I have a kitchen garden not far from where I live, where I grow vegetables, have a small apple tree, and …

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How to Remove Stearin Stains from Clothings.

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Easter Egg Decorating

This year I will try¬†a new way of decorating our Easter eggs for the Easter table. I heard of this way of making the eggs look as if they are marbled, in different colors, and thought it would look great as a decoration. These eggs are for the Easter lunch or breakfast, just made to …

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Getting Rid of Stains on Marble

If you have a marble table, and it has got some stains and marks after wet glasses – don’t despair! Here is a great tip that will come in handy after a party. Maybe some of your guests at the New Year celebration placed a wet glass on your marble table, or on the marble …

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