Best Way to Remove Cat Hair

I have two wonderful cats, who for the time being have to be in-door cats.

Somewhere in their Family Tree there has been a Norwegian Forest Cat, which means that they are rather hairy.
That combined with them living in-door results in cat hair everywhere, especially on the furniture like chairs, beds, blankets and of course on the floor.

The hair on the floor can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner, the rest is more difficult at times

Here are the two ways I have found to be the best to remove those large amounts of hair:

  1.  This first one is also cheap, it’s rather easy, and fast.
    Use one of those foam washcloths you can buy for baby wash.
    Make it moist, and then use it to remove the hair from the furniture.

Take a look at these photos, rather impressing, isn’t it?

cat hair remover     how to remove cat hair  cat hair from chair

  1. This second way is also great.
    I bought this cat hair remover through Amazon, because I couldn’t find it in any shops around, and actually I chose this one without knowing more about it than I could read in the description.
    So maybe all this kind of brushes are equally good, I just don’t know.

Here are photos from the same chair, just another day:

How to remove cat hair  cat hair remover  cat hair brush

I think both ways are easy, and I use them both.

The brush has a cover with kind of barbs, which means they catch the hairs, and then, by using your finger in the opposite direction, you can easily take the hairs away befor using the brush again.
Also the head of the brush can be turned to work both ways..

You can find the brush I have bought here, but take a look yourself, I am sure there are other brushes that works the same way.

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