Autumn Craft With Fall Leaves

Yesterday I went to some of my grandchildren’s kindergarden, and found this wonderful tree with owls made from small transparent plastic bags, fall leaves and a cut out of carton.

autumn craft for kindergarden

These wonderful owls, or maybe it’s some other kinds of birds as well, are easy to make.

Take a walk in the woods or just a park or a garden together with the children and collect a lot of dried fall leaves.

The kids can put them in a transparent plastic bag, you help and close it. The kids can add some colored yarns for hair as you can see on the picture.

Now help the kids make eyes and beak made of cardboard.

Make the bird’s feet by drawing the child’s hands on colored cardboard, cut them out and now glue all these things onto the bag with fall leaves.

And voila!, you and the children have made some cute autumn birds like the ones you see here on the photos. You can make as many as you like and tie them to a branch you hang from the ceiling. The children will love this autumn craft!

Autumn decoration Fall craft for preschool children

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