All Kinds of Borders and Frames

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am making a good deal of pages with borders and frames.

The first one was with flower borders, and now I have added a page with butterfly borders.

More important I have made the main page for all the coming border-pages, Printable Borders and Image Frames, where you will find an overview of the border pages I have made so far, together with quite a lot of other borders and image frames.

Black frame in oval shape

Also in the earlier blog post I promised that every time I make a new page with borders, I will send a newsletter with links to the pictures in a very high quality.

I did that for the first one, with the flower borders, but I must admit it was so much work, that from now on you are very welcome to ask me for such a link by contacting me through, if you are a follower of my newsletter. Then I will send you the link as fast as I can, but otherwise you will have the images on the pages, which will do great for most purposes.

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