Free Halloween Printables

I had hoped to make a page on with Halloween worksheets, but it seems that everything takes a little longer than I expect. So maybe I can make it before Halloween, maybe not. Then you can find it next year 🙂 One of the reasons that the page with Halloween printables is delayed is …

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Craft with fall leaves

Drawings made out of fall leaves and colored chalk. It makes some beautiful paper leaves to use for decorations, for example decorating the autumn table. A day when you walk in the autumn weather you collect different fall leaves and bring them home. I did that a day with light rain, and anyway the fall …

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Snake taking a break together with Zookeeper

When I visited the Zoo in Copenhagen last week they were cleaning one of the glass cages where the big snakes normally live. I am not quite sure where they kept the big Anaconda while they were cleaning, but one of the smaller snakes took a break together with the Zookeeper in the rain forest …

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What you can do with chestnuts

My grandchildren have collected a big pile of chestnuts, and this weekend they spend some time with their parents to make a lot of funny and cute chestnut animals. Here you can see some of the animals:   As you can see it works good to use small colored pearls together with matches and toothpicks, …

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