New page with Thanksgiving Cards

You might already have noticed, but if not I can tell you that I have made a page with Thanksgiving greeting cards. I think they are really funny and hope you will enjoy sending them to friends and family. I am sure they will make people smile. Here is the card I added after making …

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Vintage Scrap Images

I just finished make a page with a lot of my old scrap images, and it has been a lot of fun restoring them. One of the die-cuts I love the most is this dark haired girl, with bare feet and a lot of flowers. That is also why I had to use a lot …

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Tips on Knife Sharpening

I guess that today a lot of people have some kind of device to sharpen their kitchen knives, but then again, a lot of people don’t, and when you stay in a holiday cottage you almost certainly don’t. So what do you do, when you are going to chop┬áthe vegetables and cut the meat, and …

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