Bird drawings with bright colors

I have made some very bright colored drawings of bird, different kinds of birds. This drawing is an example, and you can find a lot more on this page. The drawings are made as a mix of bird silhouettes and fantasy colors, and they will be great to use for ¬†any kind of craft and …

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Funny Christmas Cards

I know that we are only in the middle of November, but the days go by so fast, and suddenly it is Christmas! So I have started making some funny, strange, crazy Christmas card. At least I think they are funny, and I hope you can share my sense of humor. You will get one …

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Tasmanian devil in Zoo

As you might know if you have read my page about animals in Zoo’s (which actually mostly consists of pictures) you will know that in Copenhagen Zoo there is a Tasmanian devil couple, and this year they had cubs. The small ones are still inside in the house, but the grown ups are taking trips …

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