Picture Quote about Life

If you ever stop and wonder what life is all about, or if you wake up in the morning thinking there must be something else to life – I am sure you will like this picture quote. The one Guinea fowl who hesitates to go on like the four other Guinea fowls – feeling a …

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Beautiful fall picture

A clear, and just a little cold, day late in October, with a blue sky and aircrafts making big, white tracks in the sky. It almost looks like big white wings. Go to Homepage or a page with photos of fall motives

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Vampire Acorns for Halloween

Today was one of these beautiful autumn days, with almost no wind, a cloudless sky, and all the trees dressed up in all kind of colors. So of course I had to go for a walk in the nearest park. On the way I noticed the acorns lying on the sidewalk, also the helicopter leaves, …

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Fall Picture with Dewdrops in a Spider Web

I went for a walk with one of my grandchildren in a stroller. She had to fall asleep, and stay asleep for at least an hour. Every time I tried to get a break and sit down she woke up, so I went on walking, even if the weather was wet and drizzly. But she …

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Mouse and Cat Halloween Postcard

When I was a child, we had this picture lottery with funny but also a little scary monkeys on the pictures. I was so fascinated by these drawings, that they often have popped up in my memory through the years that have passed since then. Recently I found the drawing, you see below, and when …

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