Dinosaur Photos

I have just made a new page on Clipartqueen.com¬†with pictures of dinosaurs. It’s not as if I found the big dinosaurs walking around in the neighborhood, of course , but as I say on the page I borrowed a lot of toy dinos from a friend and took them to the Botanic Garden, where I …

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Sea Turtles on Sri Lanka

Last year we went to Sri Lanka for the holiday, and we visited the Sea Turtle Farm and Hatchery in the south. (At least I think it was this hatchery, but I am not sure because I don’t remember the name of the turtle farm.) They do a great job there, and you can read …

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Dino template

Oops, sorry, I simply forgot to attach the simple template to use for the fruit skewers and place cards. I am sure you can make them too, but why not make it as easy as possible. So here it is: It is approx. 13 cm broad if printed with 200 dbi. I hope you will …

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Japanese Cherry Tree in Bloom

I know it is a little late, but actually spring came late to Denmark this year. So when I saw this beautiful Japanese Cherry tree ¬†blooming, with all the pink flowers against the blue sky, I just had to take some pictures. And here they are. I am sure they can be useful for some …

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Kids Birthday Parties with Themes

If you want to make kids birthday parties with themes, or any other kids party with a theme, here are a few quite good ideas of how to make place cards, fruit skewers with theme decorations and more. All just limited by your imagination, certainly not the cost of it. I started out wanting to …

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