Pop-up Halloween Cards

The other day I spend a whole wonderfull day with my grandchildren, aged 12, 8 and 5. What do you do when it’s raining all day? Everything is whet and it’s storming outside?

You make Halloween Cards !

We found a video about how to make pop-up cards, and used that to make some funny Halloween cards with Halloween motives like ghosts, gravestones, pumpkins and more.

Pop-up Halloween card
Halloween card front

If you want some Halloween clipart to use for the cards, you can find a lot on my pages with Halloween Clipart and Cute Halloween Clipart

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I realize I have not been active enough on this blog, but it is mostly because I have been busy making new clipart.

But here is a realy nice picture og fall apples, red and ripe, and they tast so good!

If you would like to see more Fall pictures and Fall clipart, please go to these pages: Fall Leaves Clipart, Fall Clipart, Autumn Clipart, Fall Pictures.

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Garden Christmas Decorations

It is December, it’s winter, and it will soon be Christmas.

Wich makes it so much more fun to take a walk around the neighborhoud, as you can see on this picture:

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Beautiful Reindeer Clipart

You can find lots and lots of Christmas clipart on this page, but this old drawing of a reindeer is so special that I want to put it here on the blog. It comes with a transparent background, so you can use it together with other clipart.

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Halloween Paper Craft for Young Kids

I took these photos in my youngest grandchilds kindergarten recently, because if just loved all these funny and very original witches.

I think it is quite easy to see how to make them, so I will spare you the details and just show you the pictures.

If you want to find more ideas and clipart for Halloween, please visit my website Clipartqueen.com.

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