A Christmas Present

I am restoring a lot of old pictures, and decided to give some of these charming old Christmas cards (and a single New Year card)  as an early Christmas present to all those who follow my newsletter on the website Clipartqueen.com.

But to give those of you who hasn’t thought of following a chance to get these restored cards, there will be a period until the December 6 where you can sign up for my newsletter.
Just go to the main page or one of the other pages, maybe the ones with Christmas clip art, and sign up to follow.

Then, December 7, I will send you all a link to where to find these cards, in a high quality, easy to save and print.

Here are a couple of small examples of the cards you will get.     The cards you will actually get links to are in a really high quality.

Christmas angel card           Christmas card free for followers
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19th Century Clothing Clipart

As some of you might know, I have pages on my website Clipartqueen.com with Victorian clipart, clip art of Victorian clothing, dresses, hats and men’s clothing, as well as medieval clipart and pictures of classic cars.

I am planning of making more pages to go into that category, the antique clipart, but I just wanted to show you this silhouette that shows the changes of the women clothing from 1812 to 1912.

Amazing, isn’t it, to see it put so clearly how fashion changes? And this silhouette hasn’t even showed the really big dresses and hats in the Victorian period.

19th centurey women clothing

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Surikat Pictures

After having celebrated Halloween for several days together with my family and neighbors it was time for a quiet walk in the Zoo.

Here I found out that the Zoo in Copenhagen has got a couple of new residents: Two Surikats, or as they are also called, Longtailed Meerkats.

They are fast and funny, and make some huge noises when the eat, to warn off the other one.

Here are two pictures of these elegant animals:

Slendertailed meerkat  surikat on guard

Now we only have to wait for the Pandas to come. I am not quit sure when, but you will surely get some photos here as soon as they arrive.

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An Early Happy Halloween Greeting!

I send this Halloween greeting a couple of days too early, to give you a chance to use this Halloween clip art on the 31. October.

I thought of placing a couple of witches in the picture too, but I think it would be too much, after all 🙂

New Halloween clip art

I hope you have made a lot of pumpkin heads, spiders and other fun Halloween decorations.

If not, there is still time to go to the page about Halloween decorations and make the little black bats. I have made lots and lots of them together with my grandchildren, and they look down at me from everywhere now, from cupboard, tables, shelves.

Happy Halloween!

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More Halloween Decoration Ideas

After I showed the little Halloween bat here on the blog I received this wonderful picture.

A family had used the Halloween bat I made, (with the template on the website) as an inspiration to make their own funny and very scary Halloween decorations.
A Halloween skull, a bat and a really original, evil Halloween pumpkin with leaves.


If you make something like this, or if you make something out of my clip art that you would like to share, please send a picture and maybe some text to me.

I don’t think you can send a picture with the contact form, but you can use the invitation on the “page drawing pencil sketches”.

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