Funny Animations (GIF)

I have always wanted to be able to make some of my clip art into animations, and have finally managed to make a couple of GIFs.

They are the very early start of something.
I am not quite sure of what this something is, and making a single animation takes me hours (I guess there is something I haven’t quite grasped yet).

But it is so much fun, and I am proud like a small child when I end up with an animation that actually works 🙂

cat and butterfly animation

You can see all the animations I have made so far (3) and upcoming on my twitter account, but now and again I will post them here.

funny animation

This last of the three animations is made as a Valentine greeting, but can of course be used anytime for a person you love.

I love you animation with kitten

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Weird Christmas Cartoon


Funny virus cartoon about Christmas

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Last Minute Christmas Craft Idea

This weekend I visited one of my daughters, and saw a tiny mouse made out of a walnut shell.
It was her father in law who had made it for her daughter.

Yesterday I had the whole family on a visit here, and as we all cracked walnuts the shells added up to a small mountain on the table.

Of course then my grandchildren decided that we had to make something out of these shells, especially as many of them had survived the nutcracker, they had not broken into smaller parts, but were lying there in nice half shells.

So here is what we made out of them, an appropriate Christmas craft, as most of us eat at least some walnuts during the holiday.

Christmas craft walnut mice

The mouse to the left was made by me, and I gave the mouse a “bottom” with little feet and the tail in 1 peace of pink felt, but after that we just made ears and tails out of felt or leather.

Here you can see the “bottom” made in felt glued to the little walnut mouse:

How to make the mouse

Of course, as it always happens, somebody think it could be fun to make something else out of these walnut shells.

They drew the outline of the shell on paper, added legs for the frog, head and tail for the turtle, painted the shells, and Voila!, the Christmas decoration now also had a turtle and a frog besides the mice:

How to make the frogChristmas decorations

These last minute Christmas crafts are easy to make, and fun for even young kids, if you don’t take it too serious how the end up looking, and if you all help each other.

Christmas walnut mice

Happy crafting, and a Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Card Examples

As I promised both here and on the Homepage of all followers of my newsletter by December 7 will get a newsletter with links to some Victorian Christmas cards and two old New Year greeting cards.

I have made this page with small examples of the cards, so you can see which ones you would like to download when you get the links.
This way you don’t have to download them all and choose afterwards.





Most of the card will be 3,5 x 5 in printed with 300 dpi, a couple a bit larger, 4 x 6 in.

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A Christmas Present

I am restoring a lot of old pictures, and decided to give some of these charming old Christmas cards (and a single New Year card)  as an early Christmas present to all those who follow my newsletter on the website

But to give those of you who hasn’t thought of following a chance to get these restored cards, there will be a period until the December 6 where you can sign up for my newsletter.
Just go to the main page or one of the other pages, maybe the ones with Christmas clip art, and sign up to follow.

Then, December 7, I will send you all a link to where to find these cards, in a high quality, easy to save and print.

Here are a couple of small examples of the cards you will get.     The cards you will actually get links to are in a really high quality.

Christmas angel card           Christmas card free for followers
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