More Halloween Decoration Ideas

After I showed the little Halloween bat here on the blog I received this wonderful picture.

A family had used the Halloween bat I made, (with the template on the website) as an inspiration to make their own funny and very scary Halloween decorations.
A Halloween skull, a bat and a really original, evil Halloween pumpkin with leaves.


If you make something like this, or if you make something out of my clip art that you would like to share, please send a picture and maybe some text to me.

I don’t think you can send a picture with the contact form, but you can use the invitation on the “page drawing pencil sketches”.

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The Legend of Jack O’Lantern

When Halloween is approaching we all (or most of us) start thinking about Halloween decorations and pumpkin heads, maybe we even start early to make a Jack O’Lantern to lighten up the dark October nights.

But how did all this with the Jack O’Lanterns actually start?j

The legend tells us about the drunkard Jack, and it originates from Ireland, where it is an old Irish legend.
Jack entered several contracts with the devil himself, and he actually managed to cheat the devil on several occasions.

When Jack died both Hell and Heaven were closed to him, and he had to forever wander aimlessly on earth.
As a help, or maybe a mockery, the devil kicked a piece of glowing coal from Hell’s fire to Jack.

legend of Jack O'lantern
Jack hollowed a turnip and placed the glowing coal in it to use it as a lantern now he had become an eternal wander.

Irish emigrants brought the tradition with them when they came to USA, where later the turnip was replaced with the pumpkin.

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Small Halloween Bat

This little Halloween bat is easy to make.

Find the template for it on this page on Clipartqueen.
You can make it totally out from the template, or use black cardboard.
Hang it from the ceiling, in the windows, make a lot of them and place them all over for Halloween night.

Halloween craft idea

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Halloween Craft Ideas

I know it is not yet Halloween, but if I have to make some new Halloween decoration ideas on my website, I guess I will have to start now.

Halloween decoration ghost

So – within the next month you will find more and more ideas for crafts, Halloween decorations, funny things you can make for Halloween, etc.

Today I present a small Halloween ghost, it is easy to make, also together with children, and when you hang it it will flap slightly when people move around and the air moves around as well.

You can make it yourself out from this picture, just draw a funny ghost on white cardboard (you need cardboard a little thicker than the ordinary printing paper to get it right), cut it.

Now take a sheet of parchment paper, cut a piece that will go around the ghost and cut it into thin strips, but remember not to cut all the way through. You need to leave a thin rim to keep all the strips together.

Glue the parchment paper around the ghost, and finally hang the cute ghost in a string.

Soon you will find a template for different ghost on the page Halloween Decorating Ideas   as well as you soon will find new Halloween cards and clipart on the other pages on

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How Did Teddy Bears Get Their Name?

I have often wondered why a teddy bear is called Teddy, and not Anton or something else, and now I know.
Also how these cuddly creatures happened to be made.

For the story of the teddy bear we have to step back in time.
In 19-century Germany and the town of Giengen lived a girl Margarete Steiff.
When she was born, she was a frail girl, who suffered throughout her childhood from polio
But she wasn’t the sort of girl to be beaten, and in time she grew up to be a success full seamstress,  making dresses and employing other seamstresses in her own sewing department.
Old knitted teddy bear
One day, when Margarete was looking for a present for her nephew she found a pattern for a toy elephant, which she made out
of soft felt.
The other children in the neighborhood marvelled at the toy she had made, and they all wanted a one.
Margarete started making toy elephants and they sold like hot cakes, and before long she was making other toy animals as well.

In time Margarete’s nephew, Richard, came to work for her.

Richard had been studying art in Stuttgart, where he visited the Zoo and sketched the bears.
This inspired him to design the very first teddy bear.

But the story doesn’t end here.
How did these cuddly bears become teddy bears?

This part of the story starts in USA in 1902.
The president of USA was Theodore Roosevelt, and he was called Teddy.
He went hunting bears one day, and as they couldn’t find any bears, somebody tied a bear cup to a tree and said: “shoot this one”.
Theodore Roosevelt said: “no, I cannot do that, that’s not sportsman like, it is impossible
for me to do that.”

This incident was reported in Washington Post as a political cartoon, showing the president “drawing the line in Mississippi” and a little scared bear
A local toy shop decided to produce a little toy bear and call it Teddy, so that is where the name
comes from.

teddy bear tea party

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